Friday, January 4, 2008

Lying Down But Not Outlying

Mallika is quite forthright about where she comes from. She has no qualms about confessing that she had to fight hard to make it big in the competitor guzzling, new comer bashing film industry that is Bollywood. She had to come up the hard way to make her space on the silver screen. As she told stardust magazine that she always wanted to be an actress. "I graduated from Delhi, and came down to Bombay to try my hand at films. I always wanted to be an actress. I'd ape all the actresses before the mirror even when it was forbidden in my community. Wide-eyed as I may sound, it's a dream come true, yaar! I remember when I disclosed my career option to my folks, all hell broke loose. My father is a zamindar back home. So you can imagine all the fuss. And my mom, she still wears a ghunghat."


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