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mallika sherawat photos from hissss

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Mallika Sherawat Photos

She was known to be the trail blazer Indian Diva at the Cannes Film Festival during the promotion of the movie 'The Myth. This is how she describes her Cannes experience as told to Cine Blitz magazine.

"It was a surreal experience. There were thousands of photographers, and it seemed like an endless sea of flashbulbs was popping everywhere. They all kept screaming, 'Jackie, Mallika, Jackie, Mallika! The first thought that flashed through my mind was, 'Where did my journey begin and look where I am today'. It seems a really long trip from Rohtak to Cannes. The walk down the red carpet on Jackie Chan's arm, dining with Salma Hayek, George Lucas, Harry Weinstein....meeting them, sharing a conversation with them. And these are people I admire so much, they are the who's who of the world cinema and I was meeting them in the flesh! I felt a great sense of achievement. I felt so important there. And I wasn't there in Cannes as a model or anything like that. Jackie Chan launched me there as an actress! I made my debut in Cannes! Madonna made her first statement in Cannes when she wore the conical bra, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly were launched there..."

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On Fire

Before even the ink on the contract could dry, Mallika has shot a chance to catapult her to fame squarely in the head. In my earlie post, I had mentioned that Mallika is to star in the upcoming Kundan Shah venture where she would have played a prostitute who became a chief minister. But it seems Mallika is only interested in item number where she can sizzle for a few minutes, make quick bucks and then vanish. She has reportedly walked out of the venture, tentatively titled Masquerade. This could have been her master piece and put her in a totally different league of actresses. I guess all we can say is 'She knows best'.

Two Much

In just a few short years, Mallika has established herself as one of the hottest and most in-demand actresses on the Bollywood scene. She’s appeared in almost a dozen films since making her debut in 2002, which is no small feat considering the fierce competition within the Indian film industry. Although she has been doing well for herself since then, the past year has not seen much of Mallika Sherawat.

In 2004, Mallika found herself temporarily blacklisted by the Indian film producer's union after she failed to show up for a film she had reportedly agreed to star in. This was a situation no star would ever like to be. I can only hope that this incident turned Mallika from a starry eyed wannabe to a professional who reads and adheres to the contracts made with the people who provide you means to be a celebrity.

String Does It

Though she’s long-since established herself as a bona fide actress, Mallika has had to overcome a series of obstacles to get where she is -- most notably the objections of her father. Fortunately for Millaka, her brother has been standing behind her since the very beginning. “I have a strong support from my kid brother, Vikram,” she says, “whom I love more than anything else in this world."

Then again, there’s little doubt that Mallika would still be working as an air hostess if she weren’t genuinely talented. Though most of her films have never been seen outside of India, it’s obvious enough from the reviews of her movies that she possesses an uncommonly wide range and is able to step into the shoes of just about any character.

Lying Down But Not Outlying

Mallika is quite forthright about where she comes from. She has no qualms about confessing that she had to fight hard to make it big in the competitor guzzling, new comer bashing film industry that is Bollywood. She had to come up the hard way to make her space on the silver screen. As she told stardust magazine that she always wanted to be an actress. "I graduated from Delhi, and came down to Bombay to try my hand at films. I always wanted to be an actress. I'd ape all the actresses before the mirror even when it was forbidden in my community. Wide-eyed as I may sound, it's a dream come true, yaar! I remember when I disclosed my career option to my folks, all hell broke loose. My father is a zamindar back home. So you can imagine all the fuss. And my mom, she still wears a ghunghat."