Friday, January 4, 2008

Two Much

In just a few short years, Mallika has established herself as one of the hottest and most in-demand actresses on the Bollywood scene. She’s appeared in almost a dozen films since making her debut in 2002, which is no small feat considering the fierce competition within the Indian film industry. Although she has been doing well for herself since then, the past year has not seen much of Mallika Sherawat.

In 2004, Mallika found herself temporarily blacklisted by the Indian film producer's union after she failed to show up for a film she had reportedly agreed to star in. This was a situation no star would ever like to be. I can only hope that this incident turned Mallika from a starry eyed wannabe to a professional who reads and adheres to the contracts made with the people who provide you means to be a celebrity.


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